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Version: 3.2.4

The following administrators are responsible for this Stud.IP installation (Modulportal - SEMBBS):

General queries e.g., password queries, please contact:
den Administrator Ihrer Einrichtung

The following institutes participate:
(Named are the institutes administrators responsible for the corresponding query areas)

bbs-tr Fachseminar

Alexandra Bach,

Studienseminar Mainz

Admin Mainz,
Stefan Suchi,

Studienseminar Neuwied

Hans-Peter Lambertz,
L N,
s n,
Ursula Reuschenbach-Schulz,
Neuwied Sekretariat,

Studienseminar Speyer

Admin Glaser,
Andreas Wilhelm,

Studienseminar Trier

Alexandra Bach,
Sonja Düpont,
Claudia Windgätter,